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The happiness
you seek is
already inside you.

Where might you ask? Your heart.

Our hearts allow us to create a life by design. When fully opened, we exist in a state of bliss, calm, and total perfection. Yet the simplicity of this truth has been forgotten and misunderstood for millennia. And because of this, humanity lives in a state of suffering. Worry, doubt, and fear clouds the human experience creating limitation in our lives.

My name is Phillip Lew, and I am here to help you open your heart and end your suffering. Because inside your heart is the intelligence of the universe and the unconditional love available for healing and total life transformation.

To awaken into enlightenment is to move your sense-of-identity from your “mind” to your “heart”. And when you do this, you’ll find yourself in a state of non-resistance and flow as the miracle of life grants you all the desires of your heart.

The process is not always easy. Because when you open your heart, life will start to show you old memories, traumas, and unconscious patterns that have been buried in your heart and keep you unaware of your limitless nature.

But fear not! Your journey into your heart is a journey into the light of your existence. And with every old memory that becomes “seen” and “released” by the light of your heart you’ll find yourself lighter and happier as your life completely transforms for the better.

I believe the world is going through an important transformation in its history. We stand on the shores of what can either be a golden age of enlightenment for the Earth or our own self-destruction. And although the decision lies with us collectively as a species to transform our world, the very first step in doing so rests in our willingness to completely relax and feel into the very depths our hearts.

It’s my greatest hope that you see this infinite love, complete liberation, and eternal peace that rests at the center of your heart. So that you can experience the life of your dreams and help others do the same.

We are all one. And by working together, our light can illuminate the world.

With love,