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The importance of developing good character cannot be understated. Many of us seek outwardly success in the areas of our careers, relationships, body, life experiences and achievements. Yet, it is not these material accomplishments that are as important as the “character of mind” we must obtain to achieve them.

By character I am ultimately talking about your concept of self. The quality of your inner most thoughts and those habits of emotions and actions that impact how you react to life itself and those around you. The development of good character is in my view one of life’s most important tasks. This is because it is your character that ultimately determines what circumstances you draw forth into your daily experience and the inner resources you’ll have available to shape them to your will.

The Character of the Humble Tiger

As we set forth towards the attainment of our desires we are unknowingly on a journey towards developing higher levels of character. One form of this character we will call the humble tiger. That is, an individual deeply connected to their inner power, capable of moving mountains yet humble enough to always remain a student of life and those around them. This individual has achieved a level of self-mastery few have ever witnessed. This is because what sets the humble tiger apart from the rest is where they draw their inner power from

Inner Nature
Outer Nature