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We live in a universe that creates reality as a reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions. What can be potentially created is infinite and it’s the power of our imagination that possesses the archive of all possible realities we can pull in from the invisible realms of the “one mind”. Through holding sharply onto the image of what we desire and by choosing only to think thoughts aligned with what we prefer to experience we have the ability to create for ourselves anything that we can literally imagine.

Yet on the path towards creating our dream reality we are tasked with letting go of our negative thinking, limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that have held us in bondage. To accomplish this, our task is taking action in the outside world while simultaneously traveling “within” to discover in what ways we could be holding ourselves back.

Our task is taking action in the outside world while simultaneously traveling “within” to discover in what ways we could be holding ourselves back.

To traverse the depths of our own thinking and emotions transforms us into what I would consider a Spiritual Warrior. That is, someone willing to travel the depths of themselves in order to renew their minds thereby giving them access to the unlimited possibilities available to them as conscious creators.

The challenge for the Spiritual Warrior is gaining clarity on how their own thinking may be holding them back. In what ways they are persisting in negative limiting beliefs and/or persistent patterns of negative thoughts. When Jesus talked about “knowing thyself” the idea was that any outer, material ailment could be healed by discovering the primary cause within oneself that gave rise to its manifestation.

I have found that both meditation and practicing self-awareness are valid keys to attaining this knowing of oneself. Meditation, the process of quieting the mind, allows you to expand your awareness “beyond” the thinking mind and therefore observe the thinking patterns and emotional conditioning you currently are offering on a vibratory level.

Through practicing meditation and self-awareness of your thoughts you can become spontaneously “aware” of a limiting thought or belief you didn’t know you had throughout the day. In this way you start the Warrior’s journey into your own self constantly exploring, uprooting and renewing the entire basis of your thoughts for the better.

You’ll know you’re on the right track through experiencing deeper levels of clarity, better feeling emotions and a physical reality rapidly changing for the better. In other words, if you truly change within so will your physical reality as it is only a reflection of your internal state of being.

Take the challenge and become a Spiritual Warrior. Remember that every negative or unwanted circumstance in your life has a primary “cause” in the realm of your own consciousness. Through practicing deeper levels of self-awareness and plucking away at all the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have held you back you’ll start to master the Game of Life.

When you liberate and renew your mind, you’ll instantly know. Circumstances will start to re-arrange themselves for the better. Problems that have been difficult will start to solve themselves. New people may enter your life to support you in ways you never imagined possible. But remember to also take action.

As Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, “opportunities are multiplied as they are seized”.

Opportunities are multiplied as they are seized.

As you move to act so does the Universe.