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Our Mind is far more powerful than we realize. Every thought fires a creative force of energy, that overtime, crystallizes into our material reality. This is why the Game of Life is not a physical game of action but rather a mental game of focusing and directing creative energies of human thought. Controlling our thought is the instrument gifted to us by creation through which we can freely and deliberately create a reality that matches our desires.

You don’t get what you want you get what you are. The essence of this statement is that what you are is none other than the sum total of all your thoughts. You can only summon the ideas, resources, circumstances and people you need to achieve a goal when your mind’s focus and body’s actions are in complete alignment with that goal.

You don’t get what you want you get what you are.

If you’re looking for a higher degree of achievement in your career for example; this means you’re only focusing on where you are already successful, focusing on where you have positive opportunities to improve your skillsets, focusing on actions you can take in each present moment that feel in harmony with yourself. You’re feeling the emotions of an individual whom has already achieved the outcome you desire. Your Mind is focused on joy, passion, thrill, positive expectation and you’ve let go of any doubt, fear, and other forms of resistance.

You’ve got to let go of focusing on problems. This is because focusing on a problem breathes additional creative energy into its existence. This is why certain problems become more “sticky” as we focus on them for long periods of time. If you associate your identity as someone who struggles with money, insecurities, being overweight, you further imprison yourself to future realities of the same creation.

This is where I believe most of us make the most critical mistake. Buying into the notion that somehow our actions are solely responsible for the results we achieve in our lives. If we only work harder, longer, struggle more, push, force that we’ll finally “break through” and achieve what we desire. In truth, your mind’s continual focus on already having achieved the end result, relaxing in the peace of mind of your true state, and following the inspired actions that comes from the flow of life is all it takes to get to the finish line of any desire.