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Most people consider life a battle, but its not a battle, it is a game. The more your goals, desires and wishes become achieved in your reality the better you are at playing The Game. Most people who are in a state of internal suffering don’t understand their playing a Game and so suffer unnecessarily. Nor do they understand that this Game has clear and defined rules that if understood would completely transform their lives and existence. When you master the rules of the Game you will master your life.

Like any game, these rules control the methods and operations behind the Game of Life and take time and practice in mastering. So be patient. Once mastered, they give you enormous leverage in life and are the secret weapons behind how to achieve anything on this planet.

Rules & Applications

Rule #1 Your Mind is More Than You Think

Your Mind is more than you think. Pun attended. We have been taught to believe that our minds are simply thinking machines, separate from themselves that we use to make logical sense of the World. We have been taught to identify with the thoughts that come forth from our minds. We look at our thoughts as being who and what we are in each waking moment. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The entire reality that surrounds you in truth exists inside your mind. Your physical personality and identity is a preprogrammed hologram. Your physical identity is merely an object projected onto a screen that your Mind creates. This is the basic foundation of how the Game operates.

You must understand that your mind creates everything in the physical reality you see and experience. The entire material world is a solid manifestation of mental thought forms. Your Mind in only a small fraction of who you truly are and is a center of command “HQ” of where your soul or spirit is—the real you—gets an opportunity to participate.

Your Greater Mind (the Mind of Spirit) represents all of existence. When you identify and connect with your Greater Mind you’re connecting with the source that creates all reality and possesses all the answers and solutions needed to win at the Game of Life.

People who fail at the Game of Life do so because they are disconnected from themselves. They fail to understand that all of reality comes from within their Greater Minds. They’re ignorant to the fact that they contain every answer that they could possibly seek. So as soon as they have a question, desire, objective or goal in life they immediately start searching “outside of themselves” for a solution instead of searching from within. They don’t see the connection between how their thoughts, emotions and beliefs work in alignment with their actions and therefore experience repeated failure, stagnation, confusion and eventually give up on achieving their dreams.

Those who understand the rules to the Game of Life however, take conscious and deliberate control over the direction of their Minds. They understand the power of their thoughts and spoken words and so use them to achieve positive psychological leverage in creating whatever results they focus their Mind upon. Your Mind was given to you to be used as a tool in helping you manifest what you desire and not to be confused as being who you actually are.

Rule #2 Thoughts Create Your Version of How the Game Played

Those that understand how the Game of Life is played know that their primary responsibility throughout the day is controlling the direction of their thoughts. What they focus on they attract into their Game. Those that are wealthy think thoughts of already having wealth. Those that struggle to succeed in their business think thoughts of struggle, difficulty and obstacles.

The secret of the ages is that the majority of what determines what your life looks like is not what you do but what your thinking about on a daily basis. In fact, the actions you take throughout the day will have little (to no) positive impact on getting you closer to achieving your dreams if you’re simultaneously thinking negative and are not in complete alignment with the end result you desire.

Your thoughts represent the 20% of effort required when playing the Game and determine 80% of the results you achieve in your lifetime. Those whose thoughts are in complete alignment with what they want will find themselves having to take less and less actions to get what they want out of life. They will find that things just work harmoniously in their lives, their always lucky, have perfect timing and everything they need is always drawn to them just when they need it the most.

Those whose thoughts are out of alignment will find success entirely a struggle. Everything will be difficult if not impossible depending upon the severity of their negative thinking. Nothing works, they are extremely unlucky and there is literally no guidance or support in aiding them to reach their objective. Many have wondered why some people seem to succeed so easily and while others always fail regardless of circumstance and the explanation above is the precise reason for this phenomena.

You must control the focus and direction of your thoughts if you wish to win at the Game of Life. No other piece of advise is more critical for you to truly understand than this. Aligning your thoughts in a positive way means thinking the kinds of thoughts you would possess if you already achieved what you desired most. Fill your mind with only the thoughts of prosperity, success, wealth, friendship, status, health and happiness and all circumstances that reflect those physical conditions will be drawn into your life through the power of your Greater Mind.

Rule #3 Your Words Create Your Own Laws

The Game of Life allows all its players to start out with a Blank Canvas as they begin. That means there are no fixed laws about what is and is not possible as you start playing the game. You are constantly creating your own laws, creating boundaries and limitations through your adopted belief systems.

Think of your beliefs like lines of code inside a software application. A piece of software can do anything that its code makes possible. The only limitations are those imposed on by the programmer as he or she writes out all the possibilities, constraints and rules of the piece of software as they design the code.

Your belief systems form the programming behind what’s possible in your personal reality. If you believe good things constantly happen to you they will. If you believe you are a magnet of wealth and success you will be. If you believe starting a business is difficult and challenging it will be. If you believe you lack the skills and knowledge to achieve your desired outcomes, you will.

Winning at the Game of Life means taking complete ownership over all the beliefs you are holding that is creating limitation and lack inside your personal reality. As you free yourself from your negative beliefs your reality will start to re-arrange itself into new and better forms. Careful observation causes one to realize there is a larger “Universal Force” in operation that is supporting and guiding you towards achieving whatever you focus your Mind upon.

You change your beliefs by changing your thoughts. For negative beliefs are simply negative thoughts you have practiced and “hardened” with positive expectation. You must uncover your negative beliefs by examining what about your life you assume to be truth that could simply be your own assumptions and false thoughts. I’ve seen many assume that starting a successful business for example requires hard work, effort, struggle, and sacrifice. Yet is this really a universal truth? Or is it simply a belief you have programed into your personal reality as fact? How many examples are there of people who have won the Lottery, become overnight sensations or met the right people who have skyrocketed their careers overnight as examples that contradict your belief?

The one who has achieved Mastery at the Game of Life is the one who overcomes the negative beliefs that once held them in bondage until they can freely believe what they choose to believe. Through the same power that once held them prisoner they now free themselves and become “Superhuman” players of the Game wielding unlimited personal power and achieving anything they desire inside their personal realities.

Rule #4 You’re Not the One Doing the Work

The Game of Life is a co-creation between yourself and your Greater Mind. As you begin to take ownership over creating more powerful thoughts you’ll start to witness that positive results, miracles and coincidences happen not by you but “through you”. As the player of the Game starts to realize that there is a “Universal Force” helping to mold their reality into whatever version they focus their mind on a new understanding of creation and achievement becomes obvious.

You must be willing to take a backseat when trying to achieve a specific outcome or result in your life. Those that win at the Game of Life tend to achieve results less by a “making it happen” through long, hard and painful effort; and more through “attracting the right opportunities” through focusing the Mind on already having obtained the end result.

Rule #5 Power of The Manifested State

Once you realize you are not playing the Game of Life alone and have alongside yourself a powerful Universal Ally you can begin to harness this powerful Ally effectively to achieve any particular outcome you select within The Game.

You harness this power by entering into the “Manifested State” of who you would be as a person had you already achieved your desired outcomes. In other words, we attract “stuff” materially by being in the ‘manifested state” of already having it.”

We attract “stuff” by being in the ‘manifested state’ of already having it.”

The manifested state being what you would think, feel and believe had you already achieved your desired outcome. It is the inner emotional reality that would already be yours had your wish been completely fulfilled. To harness Universal Power, you must “become one” with your desire by achieving the “state of mind” of already having it. To align the foundation of your thoughts with the same kinds of thoughts of a person who already would have what you are currently seeking to attract.

You must take your future goal and transform it into a present fact within your imagination. You must feel yourself as being someone who already has achieved your desired outcome. In doing so, you will summon Universal Power to come forth and guide you towards the attainment of your desire. The Game of Life is ultimately a game of (1) Having a desire, (2) Achieving the Manifested State of already having achieved it, and (3) Allowing the right opportunities, circumstances or action steps to come forth so you progress forward and get results.

Rule #6 Practice Observation

You can always determine what personal reality you are creating in the Game of Life by simply observing the quality of what your Mind is offering out into the Universe. Observation is all important and means to evaluate all of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions from an outside point of view. To meditate on something is to observe it from a point of view outside of your own thinking. Observation is critical to winning at the Game of Life because it allows you to determine what thoughts, emotions and beliefs are still holding you back from progressing inside the Game.

I recommend you spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day meditating. A winner at the Game of Life would spend their meditative practice observing the quality of their thoughts, emotions and beliefs throughout their day. When observing a certain thought, emotion or belief that does not serve their personal happiness it would be their goal to first identify what it specifically is. Then to practice irradiating that negative thought through repetition and mindfulness. As the player of the Game starts discovering more and more thoughts, emotions and beliefs that they did not know where there, their lives start to improve much faster and in far more profound ways.

Rule #7 Take Massive Action

As you seek to create fast, measurable progress you must remember that controlling your thoughts alone does not create results. The co-creative progress requires that you also take consistent action when required. This is where I see a lot of confusion in those whom seek to achieve Mastery.

They’re not sure when to focus on “attracting” vs. when to focus on “acting”. When you feel uninspired, without direction or guidance, your role is to focus on achieving the manifested state of having already achieving your goal. After a certain period of time you will feel compelled to take action in some way. You will feel inspired to go somewhere, contact someone or do something. You must humble yourself and simply trust your own intuition and immediately take action in whatever direction you feel compelled to act. Don’t make the common mistake of questioning how what you’re doing will ultimately help you obtain your goal.

Mastery at the Game of life is about letting go of controlling the “how” behind creation and trusting the co-creative progress that takes place inside your Mind just beyond your ability to see. Instead of trying to deliberately force how you will achieve your outcome you must learn to follow the path that feels most supported by the universe, taps into your talents and passions, naturally tying everything together within your current state of affairs. When you take inspired action with sufficient faith you’ll often be rewarded with a massive demonstration of success much bigger than what you initially conceived was possible.

“When you take inspired action with sufficient faith you’ll often be rewarded with a massive demonstration of success much bigger than what you initially conceived was possible.”

Rule #8 The Only Barrier Towards Success is Fear

It can be said that all negativity within the Mind can be traced back to fear. When your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are grounded in fear you will not be in complete control as you play the Game of Life. Fear is dangerous because it not only clouds the Mind of good decision making but because it sucks up energy that could be put to use in creating a more fantastic future.

The key to the eradication of fear is you must stop running away from it and finally face it. This is not just a euphemism. Facing your fears requires that you bring the emotions that your fears create into the present moment which is the only place they can be properly felt and transformed. You must feel the feelings of fear fully and completely as they arise within instead of pushing them back inside so they can be fully released and let go. Sometimes facing your fears may mean you have to do something in your life that seems terrifying to undertake. You must take whatever actions are required no matter how fearful you may feel if you wish you achieve Mastery at the Game of Life.

Fear is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Meaning that the only reason why what you fear exists is because you are in the Manifested State of the fear being realized. As you overcome your fears by making the choice to feel them fully and completely in the present moment; you will start to notice that their physical equivalents stop appearing inside your life. If you avoid the fears and decide to hold onto to negative emotions what you fear will constantly chase you until you finally decide to turn around and face it square on.

In my article How to Achieve Unlimited Personal Power I explained that everything is fundamentally energy. I also explained that increasing your personal power means increasing your access to your own energy source. As you overcome fears and achieve a Fearless state of being, you not only become freer but you unlock massive stores of new energy that can now be used for creating a more positive personal reality.

The Game of Life is ultimately about achieving a harmonious balance within yourself. Its about taking control over your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions. Learning to co-create and practice both unlimited power and complete humility. To transform the fears and negativity within yourself and to utilize your energy by exclusively focusing on things that support your personal happiness. When you can master your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and learn to co-create with the Universe you will achieve Mastery at the Game of Life.