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Morning Motivation - Walk Your Talk




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Walk Your Talk


Do you plan that losing weight and becoming more fit is important to you, and then skip out on the gym for weeks on end and eat unhealthy food? Do you claim that you wanna receive a promotion or achieve more success in your career, but you still maintain the same relaxed work ethic, and you don’t invest in developing your skills and new capabilities? Do you claim that you want a better relationship with your spouse, but you continue in the same communication patterns and old personal habits?

See, I believe our destinies are ultimately connected to our daily habits. Habits, being how our actions unfold over time. In order to create new potentials for ourselves, we must deploy new habits. And this means overcoming past conditioning that may be responsible for why we feel stuck at the game of life. Walking your talk is about creating new actions that match new levels of thought, and the key is to focus on building bricks, not walls.

I remember watching Will Smith on the Charlie Rose show many years ago as he gave his formula that he felt led to his success. He described that his approach to action-taking was to focus each day on laying bricks as perfectly as one could lay them. Not to focus on the grand goal of building the finished wall, but to focus on each brick, one at a time. And in doing so, over time, the wall would take care of itself.

This metaphor, for me, is truly fantastic, because I believe it speaks to the heart of how one can achieve radical progress in their lives. Bill Gates is known for saying that we often tend to overestimate what we can achieve in the short term, and underestimate what we can achieve in the long term.

Warren Buffet speaks about the same idea, but differently, suggesting that one should seek to model the long-term habits of success, and avoid looking for instant gratification, and short cuts to the game of life.

So, I challenge you to ask yourself today, what bricks can you lay today so perfectly, so precisely, that, over time, will result in you building a beautiful wall? Whether that’s making it to the gym for the first time, even if only for 15 minutes, or spending an extra 30 minutes at the office and adding an extra layer of creativity to your work, or signing up to take an online class to learn a new skill, focus on the cultivation of new, empowering habits, and the results, the transformations, the rewards, I assure you, over time, will be yours.

Thanks for joining me for another Morning Motivation segment with Innovators, where your future is now. You can listen to more episodes of Innovators on our website at Thanks for joining me, your host, as always, Phillip Lew, as we take you, the listener, on a journey from panic to power.


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