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Imagination is the instrument gifted to us by creation that when used correctly transforms and renews our physical reality. The “I” that we perceive, which I will refer to as the personality, is not our true identity, but merely a conception of it. This “I” that springs from a wider and larger identity is not our true nature. The personality like a painting of a portrait is ever changing, representing all of our manifested thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

When we choose to identify with a particular brand of race, religion, nationalism, intelligence level or personality we are painting a portrait for our personality to live and exist within. Our larger identity, which is our spiritual selves, is our true nature. This “spiritual self” is not our mental conceptions and identities, but rather, it is that which silently observes ourselves. The spirit is formless and it has infinite awareness, it is aware of its own nature and capacity to become whatever it thinks, feels and believes. It creates whatever it desires by focusing its level of awareness upon a singular concept. This process of focusing or narrowing down of its awareness to a singular ideal may be represented by the conditioning of the “I am” presence. When the spirit conditions its awareness through thoughts and feelings, such as I am wealthy, I am poor, I am sick or I am happy it automatically transforms itself into a manifestation of which all those statements presuppose. This focusing of awareness, which spirit is capable of achieving is the very definition of your imagination. And so, your imagination contains the power of transforming your reality into whatever your heart may desire.

Changing levels of concepts

We have been led to believe that the imagination is simply unreal images that exists beyond our five senses. That at best our imagination exists within the realm for children and fantasy, functioning as a creative source of entertainment and play or at worst it is a powerful medium that is used by the clinically insane to justify terrible crimes. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Imagination is a process of viewing the world from a wider, larger and more fundamental aspect of self. It is seeing the world through the dimension of spirit, it is no less than seeing the universe through the eyes of God.

Imagination is a process of viewing the world from a wider, larger and more fundamental aspect of self. It is seeing the world through the dimension of spirit, it is no less than seeing the universe through the eyes of God.

As an aspect of your own essential divinity, the spirit pure and it is has undifferentiated awareness. It can conceive of anything and is capable of narrowing its focus and taking the “substance” of consciousness and forming it into the “concepts” that the personality assumes the identity of. In this manner, when you imagine yourself healthy when you are actually sick, you are transforming yourself into the object of your imagination.

Imagination has to the power to birth to its creations because its conceptions are the primary reality. To imagine is how your true nature, the observer, creates both the personality and its surrounding world. The physical world is a living portrait that your imaginations creates, focusing and narrowing its awareness upon whatever it may momentarily desire. And in this way, using the imagination is the solution to any problem one could possibly encounter. Mastery of one’s imagination represents the square of life, mastery to the Game of Life.

Imagination represents the miracle of your own mind to actualize any dream regardless of the physical constraints of your current circumstances and environment.

A new paradigm of success

The old paradigm of reality is based on the assumption that we are simply physical beings
living together in one physical and static reality within space and time called planet Earth. This incorrect paradigm resulting from perceiving the world through the lens of the personality causes us to incorrectly believe that we inhabit a limited and scares universe.

Corporations destroys the environment, people take advantage and exploit each other, Government abuse their power, all because we collectively believe that we are living in a reality of zero sum gain. We are in fact multidimensional beings that simultaneously inhabit infinite realities.

What I mean by multidimensional is our natural ability to shift from one dimension which is our current reality and into a higher dimensional field of infinite possibilities, our imagination, and return back once again. You see, we select the reality that we want and we shift into that new reality based on what it is that we are thinking and imagining.

In this manner all things are possible, all combinations of how your life can unfold are plausible and only limited by the scope of what your imagination conceives. Scarcity and limitations are both illusions of the mind. Only when we choose to imagine something bigger and broader as being possible do we open up our human intuition to receive the clues to their eventual realization.

A new paradigm of success

With this new paradigm of reality, a new philosophy of success and collective consciousness maybe achieved. A consciousness where you are the primary creator of your reality. Where individuals will no longer have to force people or circumstances to change, but where we seek to change our thoughts, and ideas and work together to create new possibilities where everyone can experience what they desire without undue harm to others.

This means that everyone can be happy, successful and prosperous if that is what they seek. A manifestation of a world without inequality, poverty and suffering all become available potentialities. We could create a world where we are more connected to our planet and to ourselves. A world that is only limited by the scope of our very imaginations.

The formula for jumping parallel Earths

Your ability to create reality and jump from one parallel Earth to the next depends on your ability to master (1) integration, (2) focus, and (3) your capacity to feel. When these tools are combined together into coherence you obtain the keys to the Game of Life.


To start you must use your imagination and see yourself as being that which you desire to be. The key, however, is not to imagine yourself mentally as if you’re watching a movie of yourself but to assume the identity of the new version of you. If your desire is to jump into a reality where you’re a player on the world stage of life, you must see yourself as being that person in your current present environment.

You could imagine yourself being surrounded by famous and influential people, speaking to global audiences answering important questions about the world or having an influential social media following. What is imperative to keep in mind is you must focus on your new mental and emotional reality, not the material or physical objects that you may desire. So, walk and talk and act as if you were the new person who has already achieved that which you desire. Focus on the self, and not on what the self may physically possess.

Of deeper importance with integration is rising above the fears of the old personality. This means using the tools of positive thinking and your imagination to hold a vision of yourself as being bigger, better and more capable of overcoming your past limitations. When old fears arise, you must become conscious of why those fears are there and by truly letting them exit your consciousness you allow yourself to achieve a new, more enlightened personality that is capable of perceiving new possibilities of the self.

When old fears arise, you must become conscious of why those fears are there and by truly letting them exit your consciousness you allow yourself to achieve a new, more enlightened personality that is capable of perceiving new possibilities of the self.

The importance of transforming the darkness of fear into the light of joy cannot be understated. Imagination is an instrument of spirit, to conceive of new and greater ideals for itself, to explore and understand its own nature inside physicality. Yet spirit cannot bring these ideals into manifestation if it remains unconscious of its own fears related to those ideals. When spirit believes in the conception of “I am afraid of new friends” for example, your progress towards new social connections and meaningful relationships will become stalled.


When you start to leverage your imagination, you will notice that your work is all about controlling your focus and being present to the moment at hand. Imagination is about perceiving the world through the eyes of spirit. Whatever identity you believe yourself to be, your spirit automatically transforms itself into. Creation has its own timing, mechanics and process unavailable to the personality and is therefore outside of your control.

Manifestations when they do occur are often spontaneous and unexpected. Your mission therefore, is about holding onto a greater imagined vision for your life while simultaneously being at peace and receptive to your life and what-is. You must focus exclusively on the feeling of your wish fulfilled while remaining open and conscious as to why it may persist in remaining absent. This is because your life and all your circumstances, events and experiences are perfectly engineered to provide you the lessons and insights you need to uncover so that you can discover your fears, transmute them and therefore rise to higher versions of yourself.

As you continue to hold your imagined vision, life will present you with sets of trials and tribulations, confusing circumstances and mixed results. Have no fear. These chaotic circumstances often arise as manifestations permanently exiting your consciousness. It must be conquered by staying positive and receptive to their lessons while staying committed to your vision and holding on to the belief that your imagination is primary creator of life.

Your Capacity to feel

Controlling your focus and imagining yourself as being what you desire to be is how you point the spirit in the direction you want to travel within the infinite field of possibilities. However, your emotional state functions as a magnet that pulls you into a particular reality that represents the manifestations of that emotional state. Emotions therefore, are the “vessels” that you can use to literally jump into any alternate reality that you may desire.

The spirit is the force that creates and when it does it is less concerned to what you are thinking and more concerned about how you are feeling when you are thinking. When you are living inside of a particular imagined situation, the question you must ask yourself is, how is this making me feel? If it makes you feel good then continue. If it makes you feel bad then you should stop.

Physical reality is an illusion, spirit’s language is in truth about vibration and frequency. Every emotion you can experience is a kind of frequency, high frequencies are better feeling emotions and lower frequencies are that of worst feeling of emotions. To raise your vibrations all you must do is feel the highest and best feeling emotions possible, regardless of what happens around you. As you do this, you become a center of power, a point of attraction for bringing forth the best possible realities within the field of infinite possibilities.

Physical reality is an illusion, spirit’s language is in truth about vibration and frequency.

So, imagination is how you scope your consciousness into the object and things that you most desire. Emotions, or states of being, is how you transform yourself into a magnet to call forth those objects and things and allow them to spring forth as you jump into a reality that more clearly reflects your preferences and desires.

The power of your imagination is real. Test it and see the wonders it holds for yourself. All things are possible in this infinite multidimensional universe that we live within. The only thing holding you back is your own belief of what you can achieve.